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        To help you to do test preparation more efficiently, a group of experts in math education and test preparation, psychometricians with specialty in cognitive diagnosis, data scientists, and IT experts developed an online intelligent diagnostic system which helps you to learn via testing. This system delivers each practice test online, mimicking the paper-and-pencil version by providing timed sections with section references.

        After test administration, a report will summarize your overall performance and domain specific summaries that present the mastery status of each domain. This information pinpoints the strengths and weakness at the domain level which helps you to prioritize the subsequent remedial learning and instruction. Most importantly, the summary of items with incorrect responses directs you to a specific subdomain at which targeted learning and practices are provided accordingly. This system can pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of an individual as well as the group level deficiency in a specific content domain.

        Based on the diagnosis, adapted and individualized instructions and practices can be developed to facilitate targeted, efficient, and ultimately smart learning.

        All in all, we are determined to help you to learn, to grow, and to excel!